GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250
GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250

GrillSymbol BBQ Smoker Q 1250


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This is a Smoker which makes every gourmet happy, In addition to BBQ Q-series Smokers also enable to grill, we have worked out the relevant technical solution for that purpose. It is possible to grill with both grill charcoal and grill briquette. Grill charcoal can be “produced“ in the firebox before grilling, by burning wood therein, as a result of which coal incurs.

What can be cooked in Q-series smokers?

You just have to use your fantasy about what to cook in the smoker. Though, classical barbeque dishes are ribs, fillet pieces, shanks, whole animal and bird carcasses and fish. Barbequed fish is gaining popularity and the reason is simple: the result is a lot juicier than when smoked in a classical smoker. Flake, bream, bass, trout and salmon – all fish that taste very good when smoked are even better when barbequed! While cooking meat in a BBQ smoker is quite a long process, then cooking fish takes 20-30 minutes on average.

In addition to BBQ, it is possible to grill in the Q-series smokers, for that purpose we have developed a special coal tub. The coal tub must me placed to the bottom of the smoke drawer, the fat tubs must be removed. The specific shape  and the perforation of the material of the coal tub guarantee a sufficient air circulation, as a result the coal stays “vivid”. The intensity of the air circulation can be regulated with the shutters that are at the ends of the chimneys and with the door of the heating compartment. It is possible to grill using grilling coal or grilling briquette. Grilling coal can be “produced” before grilling in the heating compartment by burning firewood, as a result of this the coal is generated.

What kind of flavour does the food have that is cooked in a BBQ smoker?

A barbequed food is juicy, natural and has a smoky flavour. The intensity of the smoky flavour depends on several factors: levels of temperature and humidity in the smoker, the raw material of the cooked food, giving extra smoke, the firewood used for heating and the duration of cooking.

Which restaurants and catering service providers do use our Q-series smokers?

The BBQ delicacies offered in the menus of Tallink Conference & Spa Hotel, Piisonifarm , Enn Tobreluts, Toiduakadeemia, Stok Barbeque, Leib, Resto ja Aed, Peppersack are cooked in the Q-series smokers.

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Product Description


General technical data of the Smoker:


  • The oven has been made of 3 mm steel, the total weight is 180 kg.
  • The cooking hearth and firebox could be separated from each other for easier transport.
  • The chimneys are separable.
  • The oven has been painted with fire resistant paint (up to +400 C)


Data of cooking hearth:


  • Size of cooking hearth 125 x 65 cm
  • The cooking hearth has two cooking grates on different levels with the sizes: 125 x 65 cm and 125 x 50 cm.
  • The two chimneys of the oven insure the even distribution of heat.
  • The access to the smoke drawer is from the side which is easy and comfortable.
  • The oven has 2 fat tubs – simplifies cleaning.
  • The chimneys have valves on top which enable to regulate the temperature in the oven.
  • The Smoker has the external thermometer (in scale 0-120C)




  • Depth of firebox 64 cm, cast iron grate is the bottom.
  • The front part of the firebox is 20×20 cm stove plate where mop sauces can be warmed up.
  • The door is attachable in two positions – good opportunity for regulating the temperature.


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